06/06/2016 by Virginie Jung

Martine Lessault is the founder, owner and President of Gastronomicom. Her rich journey through life is like an endless story. I could listen to her for hours. She has so many interesting, fun and insightful anecdotes. I consider crossing her path as a chance in my life.

Let me give you insight into her story!

After attending the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, she began her hospitality career in Germany. After some experience she ran her own restaurant and hotel for 12 years in France. While raising her 2 sons, she decided to get back to the luxury hotel industry. She managed successfully several upscale hotels all around Europe. She gained experience, developed her human qualities and learned 4 languages beside French. Then came a time in her life where she felt the need to share her knowledge and skills with the younger generation. She is a strong believer in sharing our knowledge while adapting to the new trends. Next she joined the Vatel Institute, one of the largest hospitality institutes in France. She managed the 4 star hotel for 2 years, where the students learned the profession. Then she became Responsible of International Students and Internship Placement. She was placing around 600 students per year.

A school out of passion

Twelve years ago Martine created the first Gastronomicom Academy in the South of France. It began from scratch out of passion. With a lot of work and combative attitude, she raised her school to an international renowned level in French cooking and pastry.

It is now time to expand abroad, with a brand new Gastronomicom Academy in Coral Gables, Florida. The grand opening will be in September 2016. It is an exclusive place teaching French cooking and French pastry at One Michelin Star level. Professionals and non-professionals are welcome to discover our culinary institute! Students come from all over the world to discover French Gastronomy, to improve their skills or just for fun.

“After 40 years of experience in the luxurious hospitality industry all over Europe I decided to share my passion for this fabulous job. My ambition is to train the next generation of chefs willing to discover the French gastronomy. My philosophy includes the use of the best fresh products, a great discipline, excellent teachers, a family atmosphere and the passion, always the passion …” Martine Lessault

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