22/11/2016 – Nathalie Gillardo

Worldwide, the Baguette is one of the typical symbols of France and especially Paris . Along with the wine , the beret or cheese, it became a symbol even though there are other varieties of bread.

The Baguette is made from flour, water, yeast and or leaven, and salt. You do not use eggs, dairy or oil.

The Baguette’s weight and dough shape differentiates the Baguette from other bread.
A standard Baguette has a width of about 2 inches, high of about 1.5 inches and a length of about 25 inches. It weighs about 8 ounces. The crust is very crisp and golden, while inside, the crumb is white and fluffy. In principle, it regains its shape if you press on it: this is a test of whether the bread is of quality.

Breads are made from a flour mixture (wheat or other cereals), water and salt, and fermented choice using baker’s yeast or leaven. There are a wide variety of breads that differ in their manufacturing recipes but also their shapes (rod, ball, spike, focaccia …)

Le pain de Tradition Francaise (The traditional French bread) is made from a mixture of wheat flour, drinking water, cooking salt, yeast or leaven and sometimes contains a very small amount of bean flour, soy, wheat malt, fungal amylases and gluten.

Pain de Campagne (country bread) consists of wheat flour and / or rye and its production must be conducted in order to develop a slightly tart flavor and achieve a longer shelf life.

Pain de Seigle (Rye bread) contains 2/3 of rye flour and wheat flour 1/3. Used alone, rye flour bread-making is difficult, which is why it is always associated with wheat flour which allows lifted / honeycomb bread. Rye bread contains at least 10% of rye flour.

Pain Speciaux often contains additional ingredients (sugar, milk, butter, spelled flour …): ex. Viennese bread, bread toast … the cereal breads are a part of special breads and use wheat flour to which cereals are added (corn, millet, oats, ….) and or seeds & dry fruits (cranberry, raisin, flax, poppy, sunflower …).

And there are many other breads and hundreds of recipes!

Happy Cooking, Happy Kitchen, Happy Life!

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