Professional Yacht Chef Certificate

Offers by Gastronomicom and Yacht Professional Training

Do you want to become a Yacht Chef or to improve your skills 

and gain the knowledge and resources for succeeding as a Yacht Chef ?

The Professional Yacht Chef Certificate is made in 2 parts:

Part 1 by Yacht Professional Training: delivered in 11 modules, prepares, the new Yacht Chef with knowledge resourcing, planning, administration, provisioning and service guidelines for succeeding on yachts.

The program also introduces Chefs to other responsibilities expected on yachts, departments, required certifications, crew life, and job market and strategies.

Part 2 by Gastronomicom: exclusively hands-on classes teaching at one Michelin Star Level. This part last 2 weeks / 5 days per week / from Monday to Friday / 6 hours per day : 3 hours cooking + 3 hours pastry.

Galley Pro Course : (Yacht Professional Training)

  • Introduction to Yachting and Working as Yacht Chef
  • Yacht Provisioning Methods and Resources – Domestically and Internationally
  • Guest and Crew Menu Planning on Yachts
  • Yacht Galley-Introduction to Types of Galleys, Equipment, and Yacht Storage
  • Introduction to Department Heads, Other Positions Onboard, and Working with the Interior Staff
  • Other Onboard Duties of a Yacht Chef
  • Other Yacht Certifications to Consider or that you may be required to have for some yacht programs
  • Creating your Yacht Chef CV, working with crew agencies, and getting the job you want
  • Living Onboard as Crew
  • Tips for succeeding as a Yacht Chef

Pastry & Cooking Classes: (Gastronomicom)

Cooking program: Cold Appetizer week and Fish & Side week

focused on technics, cooking methods and plating, the recipes depend on the market and the season.

Pastry program: Entremets & Cakes week and Plated desserts week

focused on technics, cooking methods and plating, the recipes depend on the market and the season.


Galley Pro Course : Fees: $897.00 To be paid at

Pastry & Cooking Classes: Fees : $2,900.00 To be paid at Gastronomicom by Check, Bank Transfer, cash or Paypal 

Intakes :

Start date End date
  Monday, April 8th   Friday, April 19th
  Monday, July 29th   Friday, August 9th
  Monday, September 23th   Friday, October 4th
  Monday, December 9th   Friday, December 20th
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