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French Cooking

Learn French Cooking from a Professionally-Led Cooking School

Gastronomicom Miami is the renowned cooking school you’re looking for. We teach our students the fine art of French cooking, which is famous all around the world for it’s passion to strive for perfection. French gastronomy respects traditional techniques that were developed hundreds of years ago, while also embracing new technologies that make it even better. It also ensure the use of the best products. In 2010, UNESCO recognized French gastronomy as part of the world’s “intangible cultural heritage”.

French cooking offers endless options. Come to Gastronomicom Miami, a superior cooking school located in Coral Gables, and you’ll be well on your way to your guests calling you “chef!” Our classes have been specifically designed for amateurs like yourself who want to discover the joy of the French cooking. Above all, our main goals are that our students learn new tasty recipes that they can replicate at home, improve their culinary skills, take pleasure in their cooking with brand new professional equipment and enjoy their experience with us. You may even love mastering French cooking so much, you decide to come back for another workshop!

Call us at 786-534-7325 or email us at contact@culinaryschool.fr to enroll in French cooking school today.

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