Gastronomicom France

Campus Agde

Gastronomicom Culinary Institute has been training the next generation of gastronomic chefs for the last decade in a small, sunny town in the South of France. Students from all over the world have learned gastronomic cooking from skilled chefs, discovering new techniques and building on those they might already hold.

The school has two state-of-the-art kitchens, each personalized to suit either gastronomic cooking or pastry classes, with tools found in most restaurant and hotel kitchens.

The recipes you learned are based on the seasons and each week you will focus on a new area of cuisine or pastry, from entrees to filleting and cooking fish and bread to spectacular plated desserts.

In cooking class, Chef Samuel will teach you everything from the basics, such as creating a perfect egg and Hollandaise sauce, to reinventing French classics like cassoulet for a modern audience. You will also learn the secrets of dishing up show stopping meals using foams, gels and a little science.

In pastry, Chef Pol imparts his knowledge of the world of dough, chocolate and dessert. You will learn French boulangerie classics such as baguettes and croissants, as well as mastering the art of tempering chocolate and creating layered cakes that would impress even Marie Antoinette.

Upstairs there is a communal space to hang out before or between classes and classrooms where you’ll learn to master the French language, with a focus on technical kitchen vocabulary. For those students who already speak French, a more advance class is available to push you further.

The school is located a short walk from the business centre of Agde, a town on the Mediterranean sea, not far from the Spanish border. Agde is a medieval town, filled with narrow lane ways and a fantastic Sunday market where you can pick up fresh produce, taste local delicacies and practice your French.

Cap d’Agde is the name given to the sea-bordering settlements just south of the town centre and where you will reside while studying at Gastronomicom. Popular with tourists during the summer, your accommodation can be found between one of the biggest sandy beaches on the Mediterranean and the main port town, which is filled with restaurants, shops and theme parks.

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