Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Certificate or Diploma will I get at the end of my program?

For all the programs in Miami you will get a Certificate, for the Program with a part in Miami and a part in France you will get a Certificate for the period in Miami and a Diploma for the period in France and also an Internship Certificate and a French Certificate for the 3 months lessons in Agde. See all information about Certificates & Diplomas.

Does the school provide accommodation for the students?

Gastronomicom in Coral Gables doesn’t provide lodging but we will give to our students a list of reasonable accommodations selected by us in Miami.

How can we get to the school from the Airport?

The school is located very near from the airport and if you take a Taxi at your arrival it will takes you around 20 min to be at 2151 Lejeune rd ( depending of the traffic) and cost you maximum 17 dollars.

How difficult it is to find a parking near the school?

No problem to park near the school, there are several parking garages next to the school and we also can provide you a parking space in the building of the school for $95 per month. It is just necessary to reserve one month in advance!

What should we bring with?

You have to bring :
An or several Electric adapter plugs
2 cooking trousers ( if possible black!)
Security shoes ( compulsory ) you can buy them by us when you arrive!

What kind of visa do I need to study with you in Miami?

For the European countries you can come with a Visa Waiver ( ESTA) without any problem if you don’t stay more than 3 months For the other nationalities you will need to apply for a B2 visa which is a tourist visa available to study also if you don’t get University credit.
Check our information about how to get a visa.

Do you provide internships?

Yes we have a one year program with internship, and this program is exclusive because a part is done in Miami and the other part and internship in France, please check the information on the special internship page on our website.

If I apply for the one year program, should I speak French before leaving to France?

During the 3 months course in France you will have 3 hours french lessons per day which is very important to communicate correctly with the staff during the internship and get the best benefit of it, if you are totally beginner it will be also compulsory to take some French lessons before going to Agde, contact us about this point!

Is it possible to work nearby during the course?

If you come with a tourist visa it is totally forbidden to work, naturally if you are a USA citizen or if you have a green card you can work if you wish!

What are the requirements to apply for a Culinary Program in Gastronomicom in Miami?

To study with us you need to be minimum 18 years old, to speak English correctly and to have a strong motivation for the French Gastronomy.

What type of insurance do I need during my stay in Miami?

During your stay in the school you will need an health insurance covering you in USA and also a liability insurance to protect you against any damage done to other person.

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