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Gastronomicom in Miami offers 4 French Cooking Programs

General Info

Gastronomicom in Miami offers 4 French Cooking Programs : SPECIALIZATION either 1 or 2 weeks, GOURMET 1 month, EPICURE 2 months and 3 months GASTRONOMIC

Our programs are for personal enrichment only

For any of our cooking programs, you will have to meet the following eligibility criteria :

  • High motivation for the culinary arts
  • Competency in English
  • High school completion
  • Over 18 years old
  • Perform a personal interview with the Director in English

Check our cooking programs’ Fees & Intakes

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Look up the Certificates of completion we deliver at the end of the programs.

For each program, tuition fees and more information are listed below.

French Cooking Programs

All the classes are conducted in English.


1 Week French Cooking

Cost: $1 130 / Enrollment Fees: $0 /Uniform rental : $0 = $1 130

This short program has been specifically prepared for “beginners” or non-professionals who want to discover the high standards of French cuisine.

Our main objectives are that our students learn many new recipes, improve their skills with the pleasure of cooking with professional teams and enjoy their experience with us.
  •  1 or 2 weeks with 4 hours a day, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., 5 days a week in practical classes. Weekends are free.
  • Special programs based on different themes are organized for each week and are available upon request.

The teachers will provide the students with many tricks and tips to create easy and delicious dishes, with a beautiful and impressive presentation.


1 Month French Cooking, level I or II or III

Cost: $3 990 / Enrollment Fees: $250 / Uniform rental : $60 = $4 300

This short program has been designed for beginner, intermediate or advanced students who aspire to learn or improve their skills and knowledge in gastronomic French Cooking with our highly experienced teachers.

The intakes dates remain different if you are beginner, advanced or professional, please check the different intakes here.

Our priority is that our students can make the most of our one Michelin star level’s teaching in various areas like creativity, team work, hygiene and professional cooking techniques.

Students work in teams of two to help and motivate each other and teachers will encourage students to continually strive for perfection and to achieve their personal goals.

1 Module, 4 weeks with 4 hours a day, 5 days per week of hands-on classes, Monday-Friday 1pm to 5pm:

  • 1st Week: Cold Starters
  • 2nd Week: Hot Starters
  • 3rd Week: Fish dishes
  • 4th Week: Meat dishes

Teachers will provide students with many tips and tricks in order to progress professionally and learn new skills.


2 months French Cooking, level I + II

Cost: $7 400 / Enrollment Fees: $250 / Uniform rental : $120 = $7 770

This program has been created to match both professionals and beginners’ desire to learn or improve their skills in French Cooking, by providing exclusive hands-on classes at one Michelin star’s level with highly experienced teachers.

As an outcome, our students can count on a savory recipes portfolio, a lot of new cooking techniques including our teacher’s secret tips, the development of their creativity and a once in a life-time experience in Miami.

The Program is made of 8 weeks, 5 days a week (Monday-Friday), 1pm to 5pm.

The first month the student will achieve the one month Gourmet program followed by a one month program at a higher level.

Starting the second month :

  • 5th Week: Cold Starters, Level II
  • 6th Week: Hot Starters, Level II
  • 7th Week: Fish dishes, Level II
  • 8th Week: Meat dishes, Level II

Students work in pairs to help and motivate each other.

Teachers will provide students with many tips and tricks in order to progress professionally. They will also make sure that the students achieve their individual goals.


3 months French Cooking, level I + II + III

Cost: $9 850 / Enrollment Fees: $250 / Uniform rental : $180 = $10 280

This program has been elaborated not only to fill the student’s desire to learn or improve their skills but also to add more creativity to their cooking and work with the latest high-level techniques.

The Program is made of the Epicure program + 4 weeks at level III teaching.


1 Year French Cooking

Cost: $19 400 / Enrollment Fees: $250 / Uniform rental : $180 + extra cost in France = $ 19 830

This course gives you the opportunity to learn gastronomic technique from chefs in two very different parts of the world, allowing you to double your knowledge, but also explore double cultures as you start your culinary journey. It has been prepared for beginners, professionals, and people who are seeking to change career, and want to learn or improve their knowledge in French cooking or pastry (level one Michelin star ).

The first part of the program in Miami

3 Months in Coral Gables, either Cooking or Pastry.

Depending on their competency in French, intensive French lessons will be highly recommended during the 3 months course in Miami to be able to attend the internship.

The second part of the program in Agde (South of France)

3 Months program, 3 different options :

  • French lessons + Cooking hands on classes
  • French lessons + Pastry hands on classes
  • Cooking hands on + pastry hands on classes, if the French level is sufficient to handle the internship

The course run over 12 weeks with 3 hours cooking or pastry and 3 hours French each day, five days per week. All weekends are free.


The school will organize a placement at a gastronomic Hotel-restaurant or restaurant in France.

The Hotel-restaurant or restaurant will be assigned after several consultations, taking into account the student’s technical level and behavior.

During the internship, students will receive an allowance of 555 euros per month + full board and lodging.

Gastronomicom collaborates exclusively with top-end Hotel-restaurants and restaurants in France such as the Relais- Chateaux, Leading Hotels of the World and other Luxurious Restaurants.

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